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The Institute of Environmental Geology and Geoengineering (IGAG) was born in 2001 from the merger of five previous institutes operating in the fields of geology, engineering, chemistry and geochemistry, thus achieving the integration of skills typical of the Earth sciences, geotechnical and mining engineering and environmental chemistry.

Thanks to the investment that the institute has made in technological innovation and the development of innovative analytical and experimental methods, the IGAG laboratories constitute an important infrastructural asset that manages to attract researchers from Italian and foreign research institutions.

The 34 analytical, experimental and field laboratories put multidisciplinary skills into a network, which carries out experimentation and in-depth activities as part of the activities envisaged by the research topic lines.

The network of IGAG laboratories constitutes an important endowment for the Institute’s researchers, who exploit their technological skills and abilities in the context of the projects they are involved in, but also for the external scientific and technical community, for which it represents a point of fundamental contact with the skills of IGAG researchers.

The structure supports research based on geosciences applied to the various fields of investigation summarized in the institute’s thematic lines and third mission activities.

Roma Unit

CNR IGAG c/o Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, Sapienza Università di Roma

The Radiogenic ISOTOPE LABORATORY hosts a Finnigan MAT 262 -RPQ mass spectrometer used for standard Sr and Nd isotope determinations. Our research interests and backgrounds are qui

Fluid inclusions laboratory has been set up in 1984, and it is still operative since then. Originally an USGS-type gas-flow heating-freezing stage was adapted to a Leitz Laborlux 1