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Laboratory of Applied Geophysics

As part of the geophysical measurement and testing, the group skills are focused to design dedicated experiments and to geophysical data interpretation, including the development of new processing and inversion methods in the topics of exploration geophysics and seismological monitoring.

A peculiarity of a research group that deals with geophysics is that of “experimental field”, strongly supported by the technical expertise and equipment resources of the Laboratory of Geophysics. The activity covers almost all areas of applied and environmental geophysics and engineering. It can operate as a “geophysical service” (design, acquisition and interpretation of geophysical measurements) and/or as an “applied geophysics consultant” in support of private and public entities.

In particular, the service is intended as “production of quality services” that include typically research products: use and development of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies and their standardization in technological protocols.
The decision support activity is carried out in assisting the private and public partners in the design phase and to fix the best practices and technical criteria in the normative phase.

Microgeophysics and laboratory experiments for the study of geological processes at scales of the analogue models are made.

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CNR-IGAG, via Mario Bianco 9 - 20131 Milano

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Dr. Grazia Caielli
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Dr. Grazia Caielli
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+39. 02.28311432
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Grazia Caielli, Roberto de Franco, Graziano Boniolo, Adelmo Corsi
  • 10 digital mobile stations 3-channels 24 bit Lennartz M24
  • 5 digital mobile stations 3-channels 24 bit REFTEK 130S, with GPS and solar pannel
  • 5 velocimetric 3 components sensors Mark-Sercel L-4C 1 hz proper frequency, damping 0.7
  • 5 velocimetric 3 components sensors Lennartz LE-3D 5 s proper frequency, damping 0.7
  • 5 velocimetric 3 components sensors Lennartz LE-3d lite MKIII 1 hz proper frequency
  • 1 velocimetric 3 components sensor Lennartz LE-3D/55
  • 1 velocimetric sensor NANOMETRICS TC120-SV1 Trillium Compact 120s
  • 4 digital seismographs 24 channel, 24 bit Geometrics Geode
  • Single Geophones 4.5 hz, 14 hz and 28 hz of proper frequency
  • Double string Geophones 14 hz proper frequency for 96 group
  • Drop Hammer with load cell
  • Seismic Gun cal. 12 with accelerometric sensor trigger
  • Accelerated drop mass hydraulic system mounted on tractor, Minipulse 2800 Joule
  • 1 Geophysical Resistivity Meter MANGUSTA
  • TMG 255-E
  • 1 Cesium magnetometer G-858

2014-2017 IMAGE (European Project Grant Agreement Number 608553) -Integrated Methods for advanced Geothermal Exploration: seismic modelling

2016-2018 Microzonation studies in the area of 2016 Central Italy earthquake -Agreement of CentroMS e Commissario straordinario del Governo per la ricostruzione sisma 2016: I e II phases.

2018-2019 UNICEF PO 43248251 research agreement CNR-IDPA and NGO Terre Solidarity -Baidoa water plan -Ground water research: Processing and interpretation of seismic reflection data in the Baidoa area -Somaliland.

2018-2019 LOEBSTER Ligurian Ocean Bottom Seismology and Tectonics Research -(coo-partnership GEOMAR-Kiel, IPGP-Paris, ISTerre-Grenoble, GeoAzur-Nice). Sea-Land wide angle seismic data acquisition end processing

2020-2024 CARG project: seismic and geophysical analysis for the subsoil model construction

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