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Laboratory of precious metals

The laboratory of precious metals, represents an external section of the hydrometallurgy laboratory. It is used for the extraction and purification of precious metals (gold and silver) from:

  • Mineral complexes low grade, as is and bio-treated
  •  Scraps and wastes coming from industrial activity, (crafts jewelry, electrical and electronic equipment, mining, etc.)
  •  Tailings of chemical and physical treatments
    Conventional hydrometallurgical (cyanidation) and/or innovative processes, of low-cost and at low environmental impact, such as the thiosulphate process, are applied
Location + _
Area della Ricerca di Roma 1 - Montelibretti, Via Salaria km 29,300 - 00015 Monterotondo (RM)
Scientific manager + _
Dr. Stefano Ubaldini
Security office + _
Dr. Stefano Ubaldini
Telephone + _
+39. 06.90672748
The main tools of the Laboratory are : air suction system and air exchange (2500 m3/hour) that includes: extractor, motorized dampers ventilation, tower for the removal of toxic gases, exhaust fan off-gas, gas sensors, detectors-gas alarms, pumps recirculation; spectrometer for atomic absorption;  balance sheet; digital pH meters; peristaltic pumps; filtration system under vacuum; leaching glass reactors; glass columns; mechanical stirrers supported for glass reactors; heating plates for magnetic stirring.