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 Hydrometallurgy Lab

The activity is aimed to valorize primary and secondary raw materials, through the application of hydrometallurgical processes to geo-resources at low content, for the recovery of strategic metals (such as the rare earths) and precious metals (such as gold and silver) with the development of innovative sustainable technologies for the treatment of industrial wastes and not (spent catalysts, industrial tailings, batteries, WEEE, etc.), of minerals and raw mineral residues also from abandoned sites, and wastewaters.

The hydrometallurgical processes adopted are alternative and/or integrated to the processes of enrichment by biological, physical and thermal way. The geo-resources submitted to experimentation, mainly consist of complex mineral in different lithological matrix, difficult to treat.

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Area della Ricerca di Roma 1 - Montelibretti, Via Salaria km 29,300 - 00015 Monterotondo (RM)
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Dott. Stefano Ubaldini

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Dott. Stefano Ubaldini
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+39. 06.90672748

The main tools of the laboratory are:  

  • Batteries of stirred leaching glass reactors, immersed in water bath;
  • Leaching glass reactor, controlled by thermocryostat Julabo mod. LH 45, complete with support flanges, and refrigerant connections to thermocryostat;  
  • Reactors leaching column for the static percolation;  
  • Thermostats Julabo mod. VC, UC and EM;   Thermostated bath Falc;  
  • Automatic agitators Heavy Stirrer;
  • Digital pH meter Amel mod. 337;
  • Peristaltic pumps;  
  • Filtration system under vacuum;  Thermostated stove Inter –Continental, 0-250°C;  
  • Shaker Continental;   
  • Mobile hood Continental Astecair mod. 3000;  
  • Centrifuge ALC mod. 4235.