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Scanning Electron Microscope (S.E.M.) Laboratory

The Scanning Electron Microscope  (S.E.M.) Laboratory of the Earth Sciences Department at Sapienza University of Rome provides technical and scientific support  to University departments, research institutions, private and public companies.
The laboratory makes the instrumentation available also for educational and tutorial purposes.
The laboratory works by appointment only.  Please contact Technical Responsible.

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CNR-IGAG c/o Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra – Sapienza, Università di Roma, P.le A. Moro 5 - 00185 Roma
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Prof. Letizia Di Bella
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Sig. Marco Albano
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+39. 06.49914099
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Prof. Letizia Di Bella, Mr. Marco Albano


The laboratory is provided with a Scanning Electron Microscope FEI Quanta 400 equipped with a Microanalysis system EDAX Genesis , which is a powerful tool for different application fields:

  • Micropaleontology – compositional and ultrastructural analysis of microfossils.
  • Mineralogy – structural, morphological and chemical analysis of minerals.
  • Cultural Heritage – archeological arctifacts (potteries and glasses)
  • Environment – analysis of dispersed  areosols and asbestos of natural and anthropogenic origin.
  • Botany – morphology of vegetables (algae, bacteria and fungi)