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Optical and electronic microscopy and morphological analysis Laboratory

Morphological and compositional analysis of materials such as rocks, minerals and archaeological finds. Characterization of airborne and materials containing asbestos of natural and anthropogenic origin.

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Area della Ricerca di Roma 1 - Montelibretti, Via Salaria km 29,300 - 00015 Monterotondo (RM)
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Eng. Francesca Trapasso
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Dr. Matteo Paciucci
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+39. 06.90672746
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Dr. Matteo Paciucci, Ms. Emanuela Tempesta and Mr. Daniele Passeri

  • ZEISS EVO MA10 scanning electron microscope with EDS Oxford microanalysis
  • Quorum Q150R ES PLUS sputtering and carbon coating
  • Morphologi G3 Malvern Panalytical and RamanRxn1 Kaiser

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“Stabilization of steelmaking slag based by FMP S.r.l. patent and possible application in concrete production”. Proceedings of Sardinia 2019 17th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium, Sardinia (September 30 – October 04, 2019), G. Belardi, F. Trapasso, D. Passeri, M. Fedon, P. Micheletti, A. Soluri, A. D’ Elia, L. Montagner, and D. Zonta. ISSN: 2282-0027 – ISBN: 9788862650144

“Detecting asbestos fibres and cleavage fragments produced after mechanical tests on ophiolite rocks: clues for the asbestos hazard evaluation”, Belardi G., Vignaroli G., Trapasso F., Pacella A., and Passeri, D. (2018), Journal of Mediterranean Earth Sciences, Vol.X-2018, pp. 63-78, ISSN Online: 2280-6148, ISSN Print: 2037-2272, DOI: 10.3304/JMES.2018.016