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Laboratory of Palynology and Palaeoecology

The Laboratory of Palynology and Palaeoecology is mainly devoted to Quaternary studies:

  • pollen analysis of continuous long stratigraphic successions (e.g. lacustrine and peat deposits) to reconstruct the history of vegetation and climate at regional scale in the alpine, lowland and mediterranean areas;
  • reconstructing the biodiversity of continental ecosystems during the late Cenozoic (pollen, spores, plant macroremains);
  • human impact on the natural landscape from prehistoric times.
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CNR-IGAG c/o U1 - DISAT - Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Piazza della Scienza 1 - 20126 Milano

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Dr. Cesare Ravazzi
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Dr. Cesare Ravazzi
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+39. 02.64482845
  • Fume hoods
  • Centrifuges
  • Vortex
  • Vacuum pump
  • Thermogravimetric analyzer
  • Transmitted and reflected light microscopes
  • Stereomicroscopes

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H2020 ERC_Consolidator Grant SUCCESS “The earliest migration of Homo sapiens in Southern EUrope: understanding the bioCultural proCesses that define our uniquEneSS” (Leader: Prof. Stefano Benazzi, UNIBO). WP2: Palaeoecological analysis.

LGM and Lateglacial in the venetian Plain: multiproxy analysis of the continuous stratigraphic sequence of Lake Fimon and quantitative reconstruction of climate parameters.

Multi- and interdisciplinary research project on the austrian army hut of Monte Scorluzzo (Stelvio National Park). Palaeoecological and biological researches on the ice succession.

Palaeoecology of high-altitude mires and lakes: history of reforestation after the last deglaciation and of prehistoric pastures.

Development of protourban and urban centers: multiproxy analysis of sediments from the Bergamo underground.