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Thin Sections Laboratory

The new IGAG Thin Sections Laboratory in Montelibretti was launched in 2016. The lab is dedicated to the preparation of thin sections for microscopic studies of samples from geological and archaeological research. In the Lab it is possible to make thin sections of any rock, loose sediment and ceramics.

Location + _

Area della Ricerca di Roma 1 - Montelibretti, Via Salaria km 29,300 - 00015 Monterotondo (RM)

Scientific manager + _

Dr. Mauro Brilli

Security officer + _

Mr. Marco Gozzi

Telephone + _

+39. 06.90672645

Team + _

Dr. Mauro Brilli,  Mr. Marco Gozzi

  • Cutting machine TR100 REMET
  • Cutting machine MICROMET REMET
  • Tin sectioning system PETROTHIN,  BUELHER
  • Grinding and Polishing Machine STRUERS ROTOPOL-35
  • Grinding and Polishing Machine LS 2 REMET