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Laboratory of Experimental Volcanotectonics

The Laboratory of Experimental Volcanotectonics is equipped with three main modelling apparatus for the analysis of the interplay among volcanic processes, tectonics and crustal structure, encompassing a very wide range in scale, from the dynamics of a continental volcanic arc, to the growth and collapse of small stratovolcanoes or calderas.

The modelling equipment is flexible and models can be designed to simulate the intrusion of magma in a heterogeneous or homogeneous crust under compressive, strike-slip or extensional tectonics. Scaled models of the natural prototypes are prepared with analogue brittle and ductile materials, and then analysed through the observation of plan view, cross-sections, digital elevation models and thermal images of the deformed experiments.

Experimental data are uploaded in a 3D GIS for quantitative analysis and comparison with the natural prototypes.

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CNR-IGAG c/o Area della ricerca 3 di Milano (ARM3) del CNR, Via Roberto Cozzi 53 - 20125 Milano

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Dr. Gianluca Norini
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Dr. Gianluca Norini
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+39. 02.66173334
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Gianluca Norini, Gianluca Groppelli, Roberto De Franco, Grazia Caielli

  • Peristaltic Pump
    Prototype equipment for analogue modelling
    Thermal camera

European Project H2020 GEMex G.A. 727550.