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The Milan Headquarter merges into IGAG in 2019, formerly the headquarter of the Institute for the Dynamics of Environmental Processes. It is located in four workplaces in two CNR Research Areas of Milan, the Department of Earth Sciences of the State University of Milan and the Department of Environmental and Earth Sciences of the University of Milan Bicocca with whose it collaborates in a stable and synergistic way from several decades, also supporting teaching and higher formation. It has a close connection with the public and private actuators that insist on the territory where it operates.

It is equipped with eight methodological-technological platforms and laboratories located at the CNR offices and also shared with the Universities, which are able to support a wide spectrum of basic research and advanced applied researches and the third mission activity in geosciences.

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Via Mario Bianco, 9 - 20131 Milano

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Telefono: +39 02 2831141

Fax: +39 02 28311442

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Roberto De Franco

email: roberto.defranco@cnr.it


As part of the geophysical measurement and testing, the group skills are focused to design dedicated experiments and to geophysical data interpretation, including the development o

The laboratory deals with sedimentological analysis, dry and wet sieving for consultant and for research (mainly recent and ancient volcanoclastic deposits). It is also possible to

The Lab. of Stratigraphy has expertise in stratigraphic drillings through a wide range of manual corers, in sediment description and preservation. The Lab. facilities include tools

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