Marexkus Workshop

The oceanic lithosphere is the fundamental zone for thermal and mass exchange between Earth’s deep interior and its surface. Knipovich Ridge provides a unique opportunity to study the interplay between mantle alteration, volcanism and sedimentation and establish its effects on element exchange.

The aim of the MAREXKUS workshop is to develop a MSP-type scientific drilling proposal targeting the oceanic mantle, lower crust and overlying sediments at Knipovich Ridge.


MAREXKUS will create a working group of scientists from different disciplines to develop an MSP-type drilling proposal at Knipovich Ridge.

The workshops will serve to identify scientific themes specific for each Strategic Objective as outlined in the 2050 Science Framework.

Objectives include (but are not limited to):

defining the role of prior mantle depletion in the formation of oceanic lithosphere;

understanding relationships between spreading asymmetry and mantle melting;

exploring mechanisms of tectonic exposure of basement rocks at ultraslow spreading ridges;

defining the extent of chemical exchange between peridotites, sediments and seawater;

exploring the impact of mantle serpentinization and hydrothermalism on microbial activity;

defining the interplay between mantle-seawater exchange and the evolution of the sedimentary cover.


Marconi Room. National Research Council (CNR) headquarter, Rome, Italy

Organizing committee

Alessio Sanfilippo:

Marco Cuffaro:

Johan Lissenberg:

Valentin Basch:

Alessia Conti:

Eleonora Ficini:

Lorenzo Petracchini: