Institute of Environmental Geology and Geoengineering

Cagliari Unit

The CNR IGAG local office at Cagliari has been part of the Institute since its foundation in 2001.

Formerly Centro di Studi Geominerari e Mineralurgici, it was the first CNR center in Sardinia, hosted since the ’70s at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Cagliari, where it still has its headquarters, and it mainly dealt with research topics related to prospecting, evaluation, production and exploitation of mineral resources, energy and subsoil fluids and related environmental issues.

Since the time of the Centro Studi, it collaborates continuously and effectively with the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering (DICAAR) also supporting university teaching and higher education. It has a close connection with public and private operators in the territory in which it operates.

The CNR IGAG of Cagliari is equipped with several laboratories of analysis and methodological-technological platforms and shared laboratories at the DICAAR of the University of Cagliari, used to support several fundamental and applied researches, and for the third-mission activities, in the field of Geosciences and Cultural Heritage.


Milan Unit

The Milan Headquarter merges into IGAG in 2019, formerly the headquarter of the Institute for the Dynamics of Environmental Processes. It is located in four workplaces in two CNR Research Areas of Milan, the Department of Earth Sciences of the State University of Milan and the Department of Environmental and Earth Sciences of the University of Milan Bicocca with whose it collaborates in a stable and synergistic way from several decades, also supporting teaching and higher formation. It has a close connection with the public and private actuators that insist on the territory where it operates.

It is equipped with eight methodological-technological platforms and laboratories located at the CNR offices and also shared with the Universities, which are able to support a wide spectrum of basic research and advanced applied researches and the third mission activity in geosciences.


Rome Unit

The Rome Secondary Office largely derives from the historical legacy of the original “Study Center for Quaternary and Environmental Evolution” of the CNR, which merged into IGAG at the time of its foundation. It is currently distributed in three distinct departments of the Sapienza University of Rome represented by the Department of Earth Sciences, which houses the largest part, the Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering and the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering.

Here, basic and applied research is developed in a wide range of topics strictly connected with the scientific activities carried out in the university departments, thanks also to the availability of various shared laboratories, cutting-edge methodological-technological platforms and the fruitful osmosis between higher education and research.


Montelibretti Unit

In 2009, IGAG’s headquarters in Montelibretti was established as part of the process initiated by the CNR to concentrate as many researchers and institutes as possible in the Montelibretti Research Area to increase synergies. In 2008, the main office building in Montelibretti was built with advanced techniques and aimed at hosting an institute that deals with scientific activities. It consists of two floors: the ground floor is used exclusively for laboratories for the preparation of samples of rocks, water, soil, gas. The laboratories host various instruments for physical, chemical and isotopic analyzes; the first floor is used as offices for researchers and technical and administrative staff.

The structure supports research based on geosciences, applied to the various fields of investigation summarized in the institute’s thematic lines and third mission activities.