In 2009, IGAG’s headquarters in Montelibretti was established as part of the process initiated by the CNR to concentrate as many researchers and institutes as possible in the Montelibretti Research Area to increase synergies. In 2008, the main office building in Montelibretti was built with advanced techniques and aimed at hosting an institute that deals with scientific activities. It consists of two floors: the ground floor is used exclusively for laboratories for the preparation of samples of rocks, water, soil, gas. The laboratories host various instruments for physical, chemical and isotopic analyzes; the first floor is used as offices for researchers and technical and administrative staff.

The structure supports research based on geosciences, applied to the various fields of investigation summarized in the institute’s thematic lines and third mission activities.

Area della Ricerca di Roma 1- Strada Provinciale 35d, 9 – 00010, Montelibretti (RM)

Fax: 06 90672733



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