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Committee composed by Fulvia Sharon Aghib, Sergio Bonomo, Marco Cuffaro, Orietta Masala, Ilaria Mazzini (referente), Gianluca Norini, Federica Polpetta, Laura Sanna, Daniel Tentori, Marco Zazzeri.

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IGAG public lectures

Among the positive aspects of the delicate period that the research experienced last months there was certainly the development and increase of remote scientific communication activities.

Although the emergency has not yet completely disappeared, IGAG intends to capitalize on the scientific dissemination experience proposed between April and July 2020 and restart with the autumn activities for the dissemination of knowledge by inviting researchers from the Institute and other bodies of researches, Italians and foreigners, to hold Public Lectures on topics related to Earth Sciences, environmental geology and geo-engineering.

The seminars will take place online on the GoToMeeting platform, starting from October 6th, every Tuesday at 3 pm and will last 15-20 minutes, followed by a moment of discussion with all the participants.

It is recommended to register on the GoToMeeting platform by entering your name and surname.

A certificate of attendance will be issued to students, doctoral students and anyone of the auditors who request it. It will not be possible to produce this certification if the name is not recognizable in the GoToMeeting application.

To request a certificate of participation, you can contact:

by sending personal details and membership organization.

For participants applying for credits at their respective universities, it is recommended to specify whether they are Master students or PhD students.

Participation link:


Italy: +39 0 230 57 81 42

Access code: 611-246-253